Rhino Safari

Guide To A Thriller Rhino Safari Set in The Wild Landscapes of India

This extraordinary adventure in nature is set in India’s north-eastern state of Assam, which is home to the famed Kaziranga National Park. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has a big population of rhinos, tigers & swamp deers among many other animals. Besides the rhino safari at Kaziranga, tour Assam’s capital city, Guwahati, where the meandering Brahmaputra river passes through. Read on to know how you can make the best out of your visit to Kaziranga.

Food & Restaurants in Assam

Best Fine Dining Experiences in Assam

1. The Table, Guwahati

2. Borgos The Wild Haven, Kaziranga

3. Terra Mayaa, Guwahati

Best International Cuisines in Assam

1. Caviar International Dine & Cafe’, Guwahati

2. Jungleciti Continental Restaurant, Kaziranga

3. Confucius, Guwahati (Chinese & Thai)

Best Coffee Shops in Assam

1. The Steaming Mug, Guwahati

2. Laheké Chai Café, Kaziranga

3. 11th Avenue Cafe Bistro, Guwahati

Best Bakeries in Assam

1. Patisserie Operaa, Guwahati

2. The Breadsmith, Guwahati

3. Loyans Bakery, Guwahati

Local Food Experiences to try in Assam

1. Doi-Chira

2. Pani Hamuk

3. Pitika

Shopping in Assam

Best Street Markets in Assam

1. Fancy Market, Guwahati

2. Kohora Market, Kaziranga

3. Pan Bazaar, Guwahati

Spas & Wellness in Assam

1. IORA Resort Spa, Kaziranga 

2. Unor by Tattva Spa, Guwahati

3. Jiva Spa by Vivanta, Guwahati

Best Commute Options to Get Around in the Towns

Hire a Taxi!

To get the best out of your stay duration in Assam, the best way to commute around is via a private taxi. We recommend hiring one through a good travel agency, or through your hotel. On an average it takes 25 mins to cover 10 kms of distance by road in the cities.

Although cheaper and visibly more in number than taxis, auto rickshaws can be frantic for those not used to it. It will give you the local Indian experience and can get you around the city pretty well. Having said that, you could consider hiring an auto rickshaw driver for a full day tour in Guwahati. But since they’re easily found outside any monument or popular place you visit, you might want to hire one every time you leave a sight.


Guwahati is a fascinating metropolis located along the banks of the Brahmaputra River. All the ancient temples and monuments here reflect the city’s rich history. The Kamakhya Temple up on the Nilachal Hills is a major pilgrimage spot for Hindu worshippers. It’s known for its intense rituals honoring the Mother Goddess. When night falls, the city comes to life with great places to eat, drink and hang out.

Brahmaputra River Assam

Best Places to Stay

Luxury Picks

  1. Radisson Blu
  2. Mayfair Spring Valley
  3. Novotel 

Budget/Backpacker Options

  1. The Rhino
  2. Asian Suites
  3. Saikia Nest

Must Visit Sights & Landmarks in Guwahati

Although Guwahati is a big city and has a lot to see & experience, we will be covering the best sights only in this section. No visit to Guwahati can be considered complete without experiencing the mystics of the Kamakhya Temple. This temple’s rituals and rites draw devotees from far and wide. For a glimpse into the region’s history, head to the Assam Rajyik State Museum which houses an impressive array of artifacts and intricate sculptures. 

Visit the Fancy Market for textiles, handicrafts & local cuisine. Board a leisurely cruise at the Brahmaputra River and visit the Brahmaputra River Heritage Centre, a captivating ode to Assam’s lifeblood. For a short rendezvous with nature, head to the Assam State Zoo and Botanical Garden. 

How to commute to Kaziranga?

The best way to commute to Kaziranga is by a private taxi. It takes about 4-5 hours to reach Kaziranga by road, covering about 200 kilometers. 


Kaziranga National Park, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a wildlife sanctuary unlike any other. Its sprawling meadows and dense woodlands serve as a sanctuary for the remarkable Indian rhinoceros, elegant swamp deer, and elusive tigers.

Kaziranga National Park Rhino Safari

Best Places to Stay

Luxury Picks

  1. Radisson Blu
  2. Mayfair Spring Valley
  3. Novotel 

Budget/Backpacker Options

  1. IORA the Retreat 
  2. Royal De Casa Resort 
  3. Resort Borgos

Must Visit Sights & Landmarks in Kaziranga

Kaziranga is a hub for nature enthusiasts, and not just because of its famed National Park. The region is also home to an orchid park as well as a few tea gardens where you can book a relaxing walking tour. The Kaziranga Orchid Park houses over 500 species of plants from the North East and it is best visited in its early opening hours.

The Kaziranga National Park Rhino Safari Experience

Kaziranga National Park is mostly famous for its one-horned rhinoceros population but the park also shelters elephants, wild water buffaloes, sambar deer, Indian hog deer, and if you’re lucky, even the elusive Bengal tiger. The park is also home to over 500 species of birds, making it a birdwatcher’s delight.

The rhino safari is conducted in open jeeps and you can also opt to go for an elephant safari. They take you through the various ranges and zones of the park. Experienced naturalists and guides accompany the safari to point out different animal species and provide information about their behavior and habitat.

During the safari, you’ll spot herds of the one-horned rhinoceros grazing or wallowing in the mud. After all, these prehistoric-looking animals are the main attraction of Kaziranga. The park has over 2,400 one-horned rhinos, which is over two-thirds of the world’s population!

It’s important to follow the instructions of the guide and maintain silence during the safari to avoid disturbing the animals. Photography is allowed, but using flashes or making loud noises is strictly prohibited.

The best time for a rhino safari is from November to April when the weather is pleasant, and the grass is short, making it easier to spot the animals. Safaris typically last for 2-3 hours and are conducted in the morning and afternoon.

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