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Why choose Travelosei?

Welcome to Travelosei, where every voyage transcends expectations. Our legacy lies in crafting bespoke travel experiences and weaving dreams into reality. Immerse yourself in the epitome of opulence as we curate seamless luxury bookings across the globe.

But our heart beats for the enchanting mosaic that is BHARAT (India) – a land where the past whispers through regal palaces, where traditions paint stories on vibrant streets.

Our expertise is rooted in unveiling the unexplored beauty of India, creating memories that linger.

In a world teeming with travel options, Travelosei stands as a beacon of elegance. With a touch of class and a hint of the extraordinary, we redefine journeys. Let us transport you beyond destinations; let us take you into the realm of unparalleled travel sophistication.

Your voyage awaits. Come, experience the singular allure of Travelosei.

What makes Travelosei different?


We are more than just enthusiasts; we are a group of passionate Bharatians (Indians) deeply enamored by the allure of our magnificent subcontinent, BHARAT (INDIA). The treasures of this land are boundless, ready to captivate your senses and transform you from within.

Explore the heart & soul of India with us. Our passion for this land drives us to reveal its intricacies- from majestic landscapes to culinary wonders, ancient history to contemporary vibrance.

    • Being native to this land, we know what it takes to ensure the safety & security of all our guests.
    • From start to finish, your journey is characterized by impeccable service, meticulous planning, and an attention to detail that ensures a stress-free adventure.
    • Since we don’t own or operate the hotels and resorts we are able to put our guests’ interests first, not our company’s.
    • Every tour is crafted according to your taste & preferences.
    • 24hrs x 7 days a week – Concierge is available in person or on the phone to cater to your every need.
    • Dedicated & experienced Tour Director for all your journeys.
    • Extensive safety protocols perfected by two decades of on-the-ground expertise.
    • Everything is included – All of your meals, and if you decide on the spot to dine at a restaurant of your choice, we will happily pick up the tab.
    • India has always been known for its culinary excellence and astonishing choices; there are virtually no limits to where and how often you can indulge. And no worries about making reservations or finding hot spots before you travel; we’ve got that covered.

    • No Tipping Policy – no need to get anxious about tipping to anyone, enjoy your journey without getting into hassle of tipping. We have got this covered for you.

The Art of Travel

Our decades of expertise in crafting mesmerizing journeys  is an art of travel that we have learned through our sheer love for explorations, hosting the elites of the world & our undying love this subcontinent. 

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