guide to Royal Desert Safari Jaisalmer tour

Guide to Royal Desert Safari Jaisalmer Tour

Rajasthan, the land of Maharajas (kings), is a globally known destination for its authentic taste of royalty amidst its vast deserts. There is no ordinary desert adventure here – every safari is a regal journey fit for maharajas. The desert town of Jaisalmer is an incredible example of royal architecture, with imposing forts and ornate havelis that transport you back in time. A royal desert safari tour in this region is the best way to experience the desert & grandeur of the erstwhile kingdoms up close. Stay in luxurious tented camps and witness mesmerizing cultural performances by folk artists as you dine under the starry skies. 

The best time to do the Royal Desert safari is between the months of October and March. The cool weather with temperatures ranging between 10°C to 27°C is comfortable for sightseeing & camel safari, unlike the extremely hot months of summer. However, to get the best out of your stay in Rajasthan, make sure you don’t let the heat get to you in any case. The next section highlights a few tips to protect yourself from the heat if you’re traveling in hotter months.

How to Beat the Heat in Rajasthan?

  1. Stay Hydrated: This is the most critical factor. The dry desert air can accelerate dehydration. Drink plenty of water before, during, and after your safari activities. Most tour operators provide bottled water in our 4×4 vehicles, but you’ll also want a refillable water bottle to keep with you at all times.
  2. Dress for the Desert: Lightweight, loose-fitting clothes in breathable fabrics like cotton help air circulate and moisture evaporate. Cover up with long sleeves and pants to protect your skin from the sun. Wear a wide-brimmed hat and sunglasses.
  3. Use Sun Protection: Apply a high-SPF sunscreen generously and reapply every couple of hours, even on cloudy days.
  4.  Go Early Morning or Late Evening: Schedule most activities for the cooler early morning or late evening hours when possible. This avoids the most scorching midday desert heat.

Best Commute Options to Get Around in Jaisalmer

Hire a Taxi!

To get the best out of your stay duration in Jaisalmer, the best way to commute around is via a private taxi. We recommend hiring one through a good travel agency, or through your hotel. On an average it takes 12 mins to cover 10 kms of distance by road here.

Although cheaper and visibly more in number than taxis, auto rickshaws can be frantic for those not used to it. It will give you the local Indian experience and can get you around the city pretty well. Having said that, you could consider hiring an auto rickshaw driver for the full day tour. But since they’re easily found outside any monument or popular place you visit, you might want to hire one every time you leave a place.


Known as the “Golden City” for its distinctive sandstone architecture that seems to glow in the sunlight, Jaisalmer is a mesmerizing destination that transcends time. It is renowned for its ornate havelis, mansions adorned with intricate carvings and latticework. Beyond the city’s walls lies the vast expanse of the Thar Desert. The city has retained its timeless charm with narrow winding streets within the fort, lined with bustling, colorful bazaars. 

Golden City Jaisalmer

Best Places to Stay

Luxury/5 Star Picks

  1. Hotel Rang Mahal
  2. Fort Rajwada
  3. Jaisalmer Marriott Resort

Luxury Boutique Hotels

  1. Gorbandh Palace by IHCL
  2. Suryagarh
  3. Guulab Haveli

Budget/Backpacker Options

  1. Hotel Amar Villa
  2. Hotel Lal Garh Fort
  3. Hotel Helsinki House

Must Visit Sights & Landmarks in Jaisalmer

Witness the magnificent Jaisalmer Fort, also known as the Golden Fort, and explore the adjacent beautiful, royal market at Manak Chowk. Salim Singh-ki Haveli is distinctive mansion for the city’s elite from the past, known for its peacock-shaped architecture and Kothari’s Patwaon-Ki-Haveli is a cluster of five havelis with stunning architecture with each haveli telling a unique story of the prosperous Patwa family. Visit the royal residence of the Mandir Palace and then the Gadisar lake, surrounded by temples and ghats, for a calm interlude. Drop by Nathmal Ji Ki Haveli to discover its showcase of craftsmanship, with intricate carvings adorning its walls. If time allows, explore the nearby Kuldhara village, abandoned and haunted with a story to tell and the Lodurva village for a beautifully restored ancient Jain Temple.

Food & Restaurants in Jaisalmer

Fine Dining Experiences in Jaisalmer

For luxurious Indian fine-dining experiences, dine at Jaisalmer Kitchen, Angaara Restaurant, Wyra Restaurant, Godavan, & Aarogosa at Chokhi Dhani.

World Cuisines in Jaisalmer

Visit the Killa Corner for international delights. For italian cuisine, dine at the Jaisalmer Oasis restaurant, Cafe Cavalli and the Lio Pizza. Enjoy Mexican delights at the HALO & the Roof Lounge.

Bakeries & Coffee Shops in Jaisalmer

Mugs4Buds- By the Lake, KB Cafe, Cafe Cavalli & the Big Tree Cafe are some of the top coffee shops in Jaisalmer. For bakery treats, visit the Krishna Boulangerie & the German Bakery & Coffee shop.

Local Food Experiences in Jaisalmer

Rajasthan’s cuisine is as rich & diverse as its culture. Try out the famous Ker Sangri, Daal Baati Churma, Makhaniya Lassi, Pyaz Kachoris & Mirchi Vada.

Shopping in Jaisalmer

Street Markets in Jaisalmer

Shop at the Bhatia Bazaar for silk fabrics, sarees and home decor. Sadar Bazaar is famous for its leather products, paintings & carpets. For the best of jewelry, visit the “Sonaron ka Baas”, which translates to “goldsmiths’ abode”. Pansari Bazaar and Manak Chowk markets are famous too.

Must Do Experiences in Jaisalmer

At Sam Sand Dunes, experience the Indian Thar Desert and take a camel safari on the golden sands. Watch cultural performances and enjoy a savory dinner under the stars in the desert. There are adventurous activities available in the desert, ranging from Paramotoring to Dune Bashing, explore & book these unique opportunities well in advance. Sunset around the Golden Fort is famous for being one of the prettiest, watch it as you enjoy food at any good rooftop cafe with the Fort in view. Go boating in the Gadisar lake for a rejuvenating, picturesque ride. The Havelis, Palaces & forts are adorned with lights when the sun sets, take a night walk around Jaisalmer to witness this beauty. 

Museums, Nature & Parks in Jaisalmer

Visit the Akal Wood Fossil park to be surprised by the prehistoric era fossils displayed there. Explore Jaisalmer War Museum for another dive into history. Also visit the interesting Windmill Park.

Spas & Wellness in Jaisalmer

Take on a rejuvenating & luxurious spa experience in any of these spa centers: the Spa Hibiscus by Ramada, Heavenly Spa by Westin, Jiva Spa by Tajview & the Kaya Kalp. We recommend you to book the experiences with the respective hotels well in advance to avoid the walk-in hassles.

Lessons & Workshops in Jaisalmer

How would you like it if you could print your own beautiful Indian style cloth? You can participate in such hand embroidery, natural dye, hand printing & traditional block printing workshops in cities across Rajasthan. Explore and book such workshops & classes via Tripadvisor or through reputable travel agencies. Some top hotels also organize these workshops.

Do’s & Don’ts

    • Being very close to the expansive Indian Thar Desert, expect Jaisalmer to be hot & humid during days. Plan your trip accordingly and pack comfortable clothes for the weather.
    • Considering the weather, keep yourself hydrated & carry enough water and drinks with you during your tours.
    • If possible, plan your tour around the Jaisalmer Desert Festival, which takes place in the month of February.
    • Give the city & the desert at least two days to explore well.


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