Luxury Wellness Retreats in India

Travelosei (Formerly Elite Tours & Travel)


1. Ananda in the Himalayas, Uttarakhand

Ananda: Himalayan luxury spa, blends ancient Ayurveda with modern wellness, nestled by the Ganges, offering yoga, meditation, spa, and gourmet cuisine.

2. Vana, Malsi Estate, Dehradun

Vana, near Dehradun: holistic wellness sanctuary with personalized programs, luxury stays, organic dining, and serene ambiance for rejuvenation.

3. The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort, Chandigarh

The Oberoi Sukhvilas Spa Resort: Himalayan luxury oasis, 8,000-acre forest retreat with Ayurvedic spa, gourmet cuisine, and outdoor activities for rejuvenation.

4. Shreyas Yoga Retreat, Karnataka

Shreyas Yoga Retreat near Bangalore: personalized traditional yoga, rejuvenating spa, and organic cuisine in tranquil greenery for inner self-reconnection.

5. SwaSwara, Gokarna, Karnataka

SwaSwara in Gokarna: holistic healing by the sea, with yoga, Ayurvedic spa, and farm-to-table cuisine for relaxation and rejuvenation.