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Famous Places To Visit in Leh Ladakh India

Top 7 Famous Places in Leh Ladakh

Discover Leh Ladakh's top 7 famous places, from Pangong Lake to Magnetic Hill, for an unforgettable Himalayan adventure!


World's highest saltwater lake nestled in the Himalayas. With its color-changing waters, it's a must-visit in Leh Ladakh.

Pangong Lake   Color Changing Lake


Explore Lamayuru, Leh's moonlike landscape. Founded in the 11th century, it offers rugged beauty and the famous Lamayuru monastery. 

Lamayuru Moonland of Ladakh


Zanskar: A serene getaway in Leh Ladakh, offering tranquility amid the majestic Himalayas. Perfect for escaping into peaceful moments amidst stunning landscapes.

Zanskar Valley Valley of secluded serenity


Explore Kargil on your Ladakh trip! Known for adventure sports and stunning scenery, including ancient monasteries and the nearby Line of Control.

Kargil Adventure Hub


Khardung-La Pass: Gateway to Nubra and Shyok valleys. A paradise for thrill-seekers and nature lovers. Once experienced, its charm lingers forever.

Khardung- La Pass Scenic Motorable Pass


Visit Magnetic Hill in Ladakh to witness a gravity-defying wonder: park at the marked spot, and your vehicle moves forward on its own. A must-see attraction!

Magnetic Hill Place Where Gravity Fails


Visit Spituk Gompa in Ladakh for stunning views and ancient history. Established in the 11th century by Od- De, it hosts the annual Spituk festival featuring the divine Mahakaal image.

Spituk Gompa Seek the Divine Grace