Duration: 3-7 Days

This luxury yoga retreat tour goes beyond the yoga mat and immerses you in an all round detoxifying & spiritual experience in India’s yoga capital, Rishikesh. Engage in mindfulness practices that root from our ancient wisdom, in the best of landscapes. You’ll feel your tensions melt away as you practice Yoga with some of the top yoga instructors, enveloped in the stillness of Rishikesh’s nature.

Highlights of the Tour

  • Engage in various Yoga and mindfulness practices along with meditation with lessons from experienced instructors. Practice mindfulness and meditation with Kunjapuri peak’s beautiful sunrise and a visit to the Kunjapuri Mata Temple. 
  • Explore Tapovan, a small and serene hamlet town and discover The Beatles Ashram, where the legendary band found inspiration for their music and explore the abandoned ashram’s graffiti-covered walls.
  • Witness the iconic Lakshman Jhula Bridge, a suspended marvel that spans the Ganges and then the Swarg Ashram. Take on an ascent to the Tera Manzil Temple, also known as the Thirteen-Story Temple, for panoramic views of the sacred town and the Ganges. 
  • Explore Gita Bhawan, a revered institution that disseminates spiritual teachings through the Holy Hindu book— Bhagavad Gita. Visit Bharat Mandir, the oldest temple in Rishikesh dedicated to Lord Vishnu. 
  • After an ayurvedic consultation, you can relax and treat yourself to various ayurvedic therapies & massages. From anti-aging to detoxification packages, you can experience a range of ayurvedic practices here in Rishikesh.
  • Visit the Maharani Sri Vidyawati Kuor Temple, dedicated to the royal consort of Maharaja of Tehri and continue your journey to Ram Jhula, another suspension bridge that connects the eastern and western banks of the Ganges. 
  • In the evening, reach Triveni Ghat for the mesmerizing Ganga aarti.


The journey begins in Delhi, with a visit to the ancient Humayun’s Tomb and yoga practice in its serene surroundings. And as we explore the heart of Old Delhi, discover traditional markets and savor the famous local cuisine that reflects Delhi’s rich culture.

Along the banks of the sacred Ganges River, Rishikesh is a tranquil town for the seekers of spiritual wisdom, adventure enthusiasts, and nature lovers alike. Known as the “Yoga Capital of the World,” it is also a revered pilgrimage destination. The town is dotted with numerous yoga ashrams and centers that attract practitioners from around the globe.

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